This collection has been developed in response to Ferrofluid and the ability of a substance to flow easily. Ferrofluid is a liquid which becomes highly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. The shapes formed by a magnetized ferrofluid is caused by the need to find the most stable shape in order to minimise the total energy. I focussed upon how shapes are formed unexpectedly from a magnetic presence, allowing changeability within the liquid creating incredible free-flowing sculptures and unexpected shapes.
My body of work consists of a series of digital designs for fashion accessories, including placement prints and repeat patterns in context for accessories including: bags, scarves, gloves, tights and jewellery. The collection focusses upon colour and form through the use of custom motifs in response to ferrofluid.
My aim was to bring an essence of playfulness within my designs through abstract shapes and patterns. My designs cater to a wide audience, although more specifically an audience conscious of the negative effects of fast fashion and those wanting to combat the need for new fashion and accessories every season. My playful designs brighten any outfit and will transform an ‘old’ outfit into something new. I explored the concept of changing up a look simply by adding an accessory to give an outfit a new lease of life.
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